All 6 Sauces & Rescue Rub Available for Purchase!

Company 7 BBQ's award winning 'Captain Carolina' BBQ SauceIn response to your requests, we have BOTTLED ALL SIX of our MAIN SAUCES to purchase for home use. The sauces are available in 16 oz. packaging for $7; our Rescue Rub is available in 13 oz. packaging also for $7. Most of you know how good the various sauces are, but what you may not know is that the rub is the secret to why our meats are so tender and moist, and our side dishes are so flavorful. We use the rub in almost everything we prepare. With over 70 separate spices in the blend, the Rescue Rub is the real magic bullet for incredible flavor and tenderness in so many dishes.

To order our Sauces or Rub you can order here, or call Company 7 BBQ at 937 836-2777 from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 10pm and on Sunday from noon to 8pm (Eastern Time).

The Rookie
Company 7 BBQ's Sauce - The RookieA mild but flavorful BBQ sauce,16oz - $7
  Captain Carolina
Company 7 BBQ's Sauce - Captain CarolinaA real treat of vinegar and mustard based Carolina BBQ sauce, 16oz - $7
Firefighter Sweet
Company 7 BBQ's Sauce - Firefighter SweetA sweet Memphis style BBQ sauce, 16oz - $7
  Lieutenant Tangy
Company 7 BBQ's Sauce - Lieutenant TangyA thick Kansas City BBQ sauce with a tangy kick, 16oz - $7
Chief Smoky
Company 7 BBQ's Sauce - Chief SmokyA full smoky flavored BBQ sauce, 16oz - $7
  Commissioner Burns
Company 7 BBQ's Sauce - Commissioner BurnsA Texas style hot BBQ sauce, 16oz - $7
Rescue Rub
Company 7 BBQ's Rub - Rescue RubAll-Purpose Seasoning, 13oz - $7