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Company 7 BBQ

1001 S. Main St.
Englewood, Ohio


Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: Noon-8pm

Nationally Award Winning Authentic BBQ

The most wonderful, mouth-watering BBQ you'll ever taste!


Friday & Saturday Special

Friday & Saturday Craft Beer Sampling All Day!!Craft Beer Sampling All Day
What could be more fun than starting your weekend with tastings of revolving Craft Beers. Company 7 Pitbosses enjoy a quality Brew almost as much as they enjoy excellent BBQ. Working with our suppliers, each Friday & Saturday all day we will offer a tasting tray of High Quality Craft Beer products for only $4.49. We will have brief backgrounds on each Brew and will solicit your comments. You may also get glasses of any of the Craft Beers you prefer. If we find a winner, it may become a regular draft offering. 

This week Friday, June 30th & Saturday, July 1st all day we will feature: 

  • RiverTown Nice Melons Berlinger
  • RiverTown Roebling Imperial Porter
  • Yellow Springs Noodle Burner IPA
BBQ Tasting With The Pitboss

Smoked New England Clam ChowderCompany 7 recipes have always been taste tested around the family home BBQ Smoker. Patrick, our Company 7 Pitboss, experiments with special recipes (WOW are they good). The tastings are so fun that we want to invite all of you to join.

This Friday and Saturday all day, our Pitbosses will be previewing new recipe ideas & hanging around the "Smoker" talking BBQ with the best customers in the world. Ours!!! 

Just as the Craft Beer taste items change our "Pitboss Tasting Specials" will change. This Friday, June 30th & Saturday, July 1st join us after 6pm for our Smoked New England Clam Chowder. We LOAD up our creamy New England chowder with tenderly smoked clams, potatoes, veggies, and our own special blend of Company 7 seasonings. This is one of our most popular QUEs and is back by popular demand.  Many have told us that this is the best clam chowder they have ever had.  Don't miss it!!

See Menu Gallery for EntrĂ©es, Sides & Desserts.

We will go as long as we have a crowd or until the special items run out. If weather is bad, we can cook outside and eat inside. If we identify crowd favorites you may well see the recipes on the regular menu.